School Meal Ordering System

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Apps / Web

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My Role

  • Information Gathering by Stake holders Interview
  • Usage Statistics
  • Best Practice Analysis
  • Site Map
  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Specifications
  • UI Design Guideline
  • Project Management
  • Team Allotment
  • QA testing
  • Project Launching

Project Brief

The world is going Online and so is it because it saves time and is convenient. we here would help you develop web and the mobile based application/software for online school meal ordering system. In this there is a admin who manages the software/site/application and its database while second on the hierarchy is the Schools who want to avail this system, they would be provided an Unique ID on registration for all the profile maintenance ad uploading the database. Schools register here would also get there caterer registered here on the website for the food supply. But the innovative part here is that the parents of the students also get involved into the process of food ordering of their child and can keep tab on what they want their child to be served. Parents are registered in to the parents section , they can select the lunch/breakfast items for their child from the available online menu and create schedule of up to one month which can be changed and updated later if they want to. The menu selected by the parents for their child gets replicated into three copies .one stays with the parents themselves in there profile, Second goes to school about what the student would eat and is stored in database of the school under the students name and the Third copy goes to the caterer who comes to know what he has to make and deliver for that particular student for that particular day. Thus a database is maintained and the child food is taken care of indirectly by their parents and whole system as a one helps the meal ordering to be a smooth process.


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Client Testimonials

  • Have found Ganesh to be very receptive to Client's expectation. His structured approach and eye for detail helped us achieve the desired objectives very fast. His immense patience and high creativity can do good to any brand which needs to stand tall. Wishing him all the very best.

    Ravi K Darbha, Managing Director - Ra Life Care Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ganesh is a supremely gifted creative professional.. I have been seeking professional guidance from Ganesh for over 10 years now on web, web-enabled & graphic design support.

    Ajimon Francis, Brand Valuation Consultant - Brand Finance