What I do

I have been a dedicated UX designer and an information architect for 2 years at leading digital agency Anaveer Info Media. Prior to that, I used to designed interfaces for websites and applications for another 12 years at various companies, including Swayam Info Media, Refined Resort Residence (Japan), Advanced Mfg. Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., Kindly see my CV for the details.

How I got Into UX

I studied Diploma in Computers at Gujarat University, but I got into the interface design at an early stage and then I never wanted to do anything else. After years of visual designing, the moment I conducted my first usability test made me realize that researching how users interact with our design is something I would enjoy for a very long time. I have since then gtained experience in interviewing stakeholders, quantitative and qualitative research, usability testing, interaction design, wire framing and writing functional specifications.

What I enjoy most in doing UX

Designing for everyday use

Designing for everyday use

I love designing products that are meant to be used for a long-term, short-term or on a regular basis. I work on user-centered or activity-centered requirements that translate into design solutions. These include a variety of solution offerings that include but are not limited to Mobile & VOIP application or Food ordering system.

My work methodology includes conducting user research, competition mapping and interviews to understand your customers' expectations, habits, goals and mental models. I test these solutions and track the outcomes when the solution goes live. For me, a solution is more about establishing a feedback loop so you can incrementally improve the design and connect your brand with your audience.

I believe strongly in designing solutions that are scalable, practical and can evolve and adapt quickly to an ever-changing market and customer database.

Designing based on testing & thorough analysis

Another aspect of my job that intrigues me is monitoring and researching on the responses of users interacting with my design solutions. I believe that every design decision is an opportunity to give your customers a stunning experience.

I test these solutions and track the usage data outcomes when the product goes live. It goes beyond simple user testing sessions. I can also carry out usability assessments based on usability best practices and competitor analysis.

Client-facing consultancy

I have a deep knowledge of end-to-end design methodologies, including interacting with other designers, leading a team and interacting with project stakeholders. I love being an integral part of our clients’ projects from conceptualization to completion.

With my experience over the past couple of years in projects of varying sizes involving different stakeholders, I have been using design to drive new ideas, creative and innovative thinking, and possess the ability to influence decision makers in a consultative environment.

I have a proven track-record of hands-on design leadership; intrinsic passion for seamless design and the creative process; strong presentation skills and above all a portfolio demonstrating breadth, creativity, process, and innovation in related fields.

The way I work

Collecting best practices

As a subject matter expert in the field, I am often asked about the industry best practices.

My clients consult with me because we believe in staying ahead by researching and being well-versed with the best practices that can move UIs and the mobile user experiences that encompass them forward.

Quantitative analysis

While design solutions can be subjective, the user experience can be measured with a certain degree of accuracy through the right setup of usability metrics and quantitative analysis.

I am a firm believer that the companies need to focus on sophisticated, qualitative data rather than old-school metrics such as page views, exit pages and click stream analysis.

User testing

I have planned, conducted and observed many usability tests, from small-scale internal tests to sessions that took place in a Professional usability lab with representative samples of users.

I have organized and overseen user testing plans across multiple and parallel projects; managing the internal game user testing department. I work with studio development teams to conduct user testing. Key elements of these are gathering stakeholder requirements, organizing and moderating the user tests, collating and analyzing the results to report on key findings.

Sketching, generating ideas

Sketching high-level concepts on paper first is a great way to generate as many ideas as possible with the most economical use of time. I often use sketches for internal reference, numbering my ideas, sharing and discussing these with the UX and creative team members to brain storm and come up with unique and impactful design solutions.

Task flows and interaction maps

I love to create detailed task flow diagrams when designing complex processes and work flows. This not only helps to design better for user cases, but also simplifies the communication with my clients at every level of the project.

...and of course: wireframes, prototypes, specifications

Before the development cycle starts, testing a new solution and making changes on-the-go can reduce costs significantly. A modern user experience can't rely on static mockups and wordy functional specification documents. Why write a wordy document to describe what can be better described as a product that is real and interactive?

I develop highly interactive prototypes that simulate the most sophisticated digital experiences, such as javascript-based widgets, drag and drop controls, on-scroll events, responsive designs. Prototypes are available online for discussion among stakeholders and can adapted across operating systems and devices.

Client Testimonials

  • Have found Ganesh to be very receptive to Client's expectation. His structured approach and eye for detail helped us achieve the desired objectives very fast. His immense patience and high creativity can do good to any brand which needs to stand tall. Wishing him all the very best.

    Ravi K Darbha, Managing Director - Ra Life Care Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ganesh is a supremely gifted creative professional.. I have been seeking professional guidance from Ganesh for over 10 years now on web, web-enabled & graphic design support.

    Ajimon Francis, Brand Valuation Consultant - Brand Finance